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01 / 12 / 2019
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1. Timbangan Laboratory : Analytical Balance, Balance Scale, Micro Balance 2. Timbangan Produksi : Simple Weighing, Counting Scale, Pricing Scale 3. Timbangan Produksi : Platform Bench Scale, Hybrid Scale, Pallet Scale 4. Timbangan Gudang : Floor Scale, Crane Scale, Forklift Scale 5. Timbangan Truk : Pitless Type, Pit Type, Shallow Pit Type

Detail INDIKATOR AVERY E 1205 Surabaya

Specifications Graphical display, presents information in the most relevant format Up to 4 serial interfaces, selectable for RS232, RS485, RS422 or 4-20mA Current Loop, Ethernet TCP/ IP as standard, plus optional DeviceNet, ModBus TCP, ProfiBus DP, Ethernet IP and ControlNet Connects to a wide range of analogue load cells – maximum 16 load cells with optional second scale support Optional electronic archiving IP54 rated, dust resistant plastic case, suitable for desk, wall or pole mounting Features Advanced multi-function indicator, suitable for the most complex industrial weighing applications Wide range of Serial, Ethernet and optional FieldBus interfaces allows simple, low cost connection to operating networks and peripheral devices Weighing, counting, checkweighing, recipe/ filling ( 100 recipes/ 20 steps) , totalising, peak hold, remote display, in-motion weighing, comprehensive weighbridge operations, multi-level pack runs and weight conversion applications as standard Alpha-numeric keypad ( plus PS/ 2 keyboard interface) features 5 function keys and 300 PLUs for easier operation of most popular applications Up to 16 fully flexible inputs and outputs – can replace a PLC for a simpler, more reliable system
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