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  • loadcell MK CELL RTN Surabaya

loadcell MK CELL RTN Surabaya

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02 / 05 / 2023
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1. Timbangan Laboratory : Analytical Balance, Balance Scale, Micro Balance 2. Timbangan Produksi : Simple Weighing, Counting Scale, Pricing Scale 3. Timbangan Produksi : Platform Bench Scale, Hybrid Scale, Pallet Scale 4. Timbangan Gudang : Floor Scale, Crane Scale, Forklift Scale 5. Timbangan Truk : Pitless Type, Pit Type, Shallow Pit Type

Detail Loadcell MK CELL RTN Surabaya

MK RTN Load Cell Metal welded stainless steel load cell, excelleny capability in moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-erosion High precision, high relaibility, high stability. Good outline Accurately weigh light-load under heavy tare weight ot light & dynamic variation-load under heavy net weight. Suitable in industrial weighing systems, such as hopper scales, quatitive packing scales, batching. Scales, truck scales, railroad scales, ladle scales in metallurgy area and high heat crane scales
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