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20 / 12 / 2019
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1. Timbangan Laboratory : Analytical Balance, Balance Scale, Micro Balance 2. Timbangan Produksi : Simple Weighing, Counting Scale, Pricing Scale 3. Timbangan Produksi : Platform Bench Scale, Hybrid Scale, Pallet Scale 4. Timbangan Gudang : Floor Scale, Crane Scale, Forklift Scale 5. Timbangan Truk : Pitless Type, Pit Type, Shallow Pit Type


- Control for Packer, Hopper, Limit, Concrete Mixing Scale. - Auto Span Calibrations AND Lock out Function to protect the Calibrations by Hardware system. - Shielded by Aluminum Case for the Immunity against all forms of Radio Frequency Interference and Susceptibility. - Wide Range of Capacity and Division can be easily set by Keyboard. - Weight Memory Back-up for 10years. AND Available to dirve 8pcs of Load cells( 350© ) - Available to be installed by Table or Panel Mounting Type - Available to compensate with the ERROR weight of Each Step in Each BIN by Error Key. - 6pcs of Control Relay built in( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Finish, Empty) . - Available to weigh many kinds of Meterials by 4STEP Control System - Weighing Operation CODE can be showed by Funtion Key - Avaiable to interface with RS-232C basically
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