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Animal Scale EXCELLENT / Timbangan Hewan Surabaya

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01 / 12 / 2019
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1. Timbangan Laboratory : Analytical Balance, Balance Scale, Micro Balance 2. Timbangan Produksi : Simple Weighing, Counting Scale, Pricing Scale 3. Timbangan Produksi : Platform Bench Scale, Hybrid Scale, Pallet Scale 4. Timbangan Gudang : Floor Scale, Crane Scale, Forklift Scale 5. Timbangan Truk : Pitless Type, Pit Type, Shallow Pit Type

Detail Animal Scale EXCELLENT / Timbangan Hewan Surabaya

Animal weighing with cage very stable and accurate weighing statistics Can Average Hold value of weight. with AC/ DC supply power Dimension : 1 m X 2m Capacity: 1t/ 0.2kg , 1.5t/ 0.2kg
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