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  • INDIKATOR CONVEYOR / Hopper XK3190-C601


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27 / 02 / 2024
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1. Timbangan Laboratory : Analytical Balance, Balance Scale, Micro Balance 2. Timbangan Produksi : Simple Weighing, Counting Scale, Pricing Scale 3. Timbangan Produksi : Platform Bench Scale, Hybrid Scale, Pallet Scale 4. Timbangan Gudang : Floor Scale, Crane Scale, Forklift Scale 5. Timbangan Truk : Pitless Type, Pit Type, Shallow Pit Type

Detail INDIKATOR CONVEYOR / Hopper XK3190-C601

Kami Juga Menjual Loadcell Khusus Untuk Timbangan Batching Plant / Hopper. Features: - Strong anti-disturbance ability - A/ D conversion with readability 1/ 30000 - Use inner code to replace weight observing and analysis tolerance - Setup zero-tracking range, zero( auto/ manual) range - Setup digital filter intensity, A/ D conversion speed - Setup parameter pre-act, tolerance, relict, delay time in batching version - Select function over status dealing, dip charge in batching version - Setup auto cycle fixed-quantity/ times control in batching system - Make vague intelligent correction for parameter pre-act in batching version - Make control mode of plus/ minus scale in batching version - Make 1~ 2 materials batching control in batching version - Setup parameter delay time¡ ¢ grade node in catch weigher version - Select out-control/ self check mode in catch weigher version Parameters: Model C601 Input signal range 0mV~ 25mV Input sensitivity 1V/ e Load cell Excitation Dc 5V Max. load cell connection 8 at 350 ohm Display 11 bits LED, 13 status indications Standard interface RS232C serial communication Scoreboard at 20mA current loop Parallel printer 6 on/ off inputs 7 on/ off outputs Optional interface 4-20mA analog output 7 relay outputs
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